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Unforgettable Entertainment Ideas to Light up Your Ugandan Wedding

What makes weddings magical is that two souls unite in love, surrounded by the warmth and blessings of family and friends. As you plan your special day, one aspect that can truly elevate you........

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A Guide to your Ugandan Celebrity Wedding Emcee

The wedding emcee is responsible for the smooth flow of the wedding from start to finish by creating the right atmosphere and tone, creatively introducing different segments of the wedding d........

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Different ways a groom can wear a great tuxedo look to the wedding

The tuxedo or the tux as we call it is the latest wedding fashion trend for grooms and their groomsmen. Before wedding trends changed men wore their blended suits or simple western-styled sui........

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10 Perfect Destination Wedding Venues in Uganda

Uganda is a small beautiful country in East Africa also known as the Pearl of Africa. From lush green forests, scenic waterfalls, abundant wildlife, and friendly people, it blossoms with natu........

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