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Who We Are

‘Nyom’ is a Luo word for marriage. The Luo ethnicity is part of the ancient Nilotics who migrated into East Africa several hundred years ago from Ethiopia.

They occupied most of Western Kenya, Northern Tanzania, Eastern and Nothern Uganda as well as most of South Sudan.

Since time immemorial the Luo have been known for their animated marriage traditions most notably the Ayie ('I agree') or Ayie Keny (‘I agree to marriage’) ceremony which included the energetic cultural dances known as Larakaraka in Uganda or Ohangla in Kenya and Tanzania.

A typical Luo wedding combined serenity and romance; vigour and enthusiasm as well as merrymaking. Nyom Planet recreates this universe.

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Our Vision: Easier weddings for everyone

What We Do

We specialise in meeting all your wedding needs and imaginations in a hustle free manner. Our experts will go the extra mile for you to have a memorable experience.

From a small cosy wedding at the poolside to an extensive gathering in that exquisite ballroom for your extended families and friends, be it on a week-day or weekend, this most important day of your life is ours to ensure.

Our meticulous attention to detail runs through to the selection of venues, the choice of flowers and even the taste of the cake, all this without forgetting any of your preferences. All we ask is that you say ‘I do’ to your loved one!

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Our Mission: To make weddings hustle free

Meet the Team

Operations Planner

Making sure couples have a stress-free wedding is my specialty. I have spent the last couple of years understanding the dynamics of the wedding industry. As a certified wedding planner, I listen to couples’ desires and concerns and tailor wedding packages to meet their needs. I reside in Uganda with my family. When I am not spending time with them or assisting couples in planning beautiful wedding ceremonies, you can find me watching movies.

Event Day Planner

I love seeing other people happy and nothing beats seeing couples happy on their wedding days. To make couples happy, I strive to make weddings as affordable and hustle free for couples as possible. As events day planner, I vet vendors to make sure that they meet the required standards before adding them to the site. I also do most of our digital marketing. I am also a certified wedding planner.

Digital Planner

I enjoy seeing weddings demystified, at Nyom Planet I use technology to make it happen all the time. I am a proven IT consultant and a certified wedding planner who provides technical guidance and supports implementation of technological initiatives within the team. I am passionate about business solutions that solve local and global problems. I live in Kampala with my wife and two children.

Chief Technical Planner

I never thought I would be an active force in the wonderful world of weddings. My passion for software engineering brought me to Nyom planet and the rest is history. At Nyom Planet I speak to couples and vendors first hand so as to tailor our digital products for their needs.

Chief Planner

I have spent more than half of my life planning weddings. Started as a teenage pass time, then a passion and eventually an obsession. I have amassed skills including wedding planning certification to support couples by listening and understanding their challenges. An accountant by training (FCCA), I also hold a MSc. Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship. I combine business acumen and wedding planning enthusiasm to give couples the most professional service they require. I reside in Kampala.

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • We are committed to the best for our couples and some...
  • Teamwork
  • Our team engages the bride and groom to meet every detail of their desires.
  • Creativity
  • We do not merely plan weddings, we create a new wedding universe for you.
  • Integrity
  • We promise, we deliver. No excuses, no shortcuts.
  • Responsibility
  • We do not only plan weddings, we own them.
  • Listening
  • We extend our ears but also our hearts. Couples will be heard, they will be served.